How our grooming salon started.


After several years of having taken care of our bobtails on a fixed trim table in the kitchen, where there was almost no space, and washed in a shower it was time to take a different view.

We have a nice  indoor garage with lot of space  that could serve nicely to take care of the dogs there, but this one was still full. (Bicycles,scooters ed).

After changing it outside with a large garden shed, the objects in the garages were able to get in. 

We bought a hydraulic bath and a hydraulic trim table. It's lovely to trim our dogs there. However, the corona time was coming.

Our eldest son Mike with multiple disabilities could no longer go to his day care. He was home all day now. Luckily he wasn't bored, as he soon came down in the garage a number of times to help with the grooming of the dogs. We had another bobtail to take care of. So on the days when there was brushing, Mike came to help. He liked this so much and he became a completely different boy. Cheerful, his tension arc was low, got less stimuli etc. He was very relaxed and really enjoyed doing it, he enjoyed it.

Because of this we started to think and came to the conclusion that we had to start a grooming salon and make it a day care for him. The authorities allowed this to take.

After some consultation, our son Joey wanted to run the grooming salon and give Mike the individual guidance. He's got the diplomas for it, too. Mother Peggy will do some volunteer work.

After taking some courses and adjustments in the garage, plenty of lighting, lots of electrical outlets, cabinets to clean up stuff ed. Joey has registered with the Chamber of Commerce  (Grooming salon, day care) under one name:  Bobbers  Of Beauty !!

We don't want to make this grooming salon too big.  We would like to specialize in the breed Old English Sheepdog. It would be nice that, if there are litters in the future, there will be people who want to have their bobtail taken care of with us. 


We are still working on the interior.