How it started

We got married in 1992 and immediately bought us a dog. This was only a Maltese called Ringo. He passed away in March 2006 and was almost 14 years old. We've been true a lot with that dog. We had a while that we no longer wanted a dog, because we were busy with our children and were now on vacation.

However, the boys started asking in 2010 that they wanted to have a dog again. At first we didn't want to, but the boys kept asking. We then went looking for all kinds of information on the internet what was a good family dog. This also because of our oldest son. Richard now wanted a bigger dog and not 1 but 2 dogs.

As if it had to be that way. I (Peggy) had been to school to take our kids there. In the schoolyard I ran into Miranda Hoksbergen from Hockesberghe's Walc. She brought 2 Old English Sheepdog puppies with her. Those were bitches from her 1st litter. I fell in love instantly.




When I got home I told Richard and we started to delve into the Old English Sheepdog breed. That was exactly what we were looking for in a dog, the only thing that could be a disadvantage was the coat care.

We then contacted Miranda Hoksbergen from Wehl on Sunday. We asked if they still had puppies and very much like 2 boys. The puppies were born on December 6, 2009 and she indeed had only 2 boys left. We go there to watch with our whole family. We had already come up with names in the car (5 minutes from us). Sky immediately went to Richard and Blade came to me immediately. It has always remained that way. Blade was always near me and Sky was always at the computer in front of Richard's feet.

We were sold and wanted them. It was made clear to us that we had to be very consistent, because we had 2 brothers from 1 litter. We always have been. It also went very well. They fought once around 9 months to determine who was in charge. Sky could always have a lot, but when he was tired of it, he put Blade on his back and showed that he was in charge. It went very well with them, but when a third was added it went wrong. The pack was then disrupted. Blade struggled to get under the pup and then attacked Sky out of the blue. As a result, we had to go to the vet with Blade again. They kept fighting, so we decided that as long as they were together no 3rd dog would come. We had resigned ourselves to that and thought it was fine.



Unfortunately, Sky passed away in September 2017. Much too early. We were so sad and Richard was so sad that he really didn't want another dog with him anymore. However, a week after Sky died, Blade became very ill. Very high fever and we were afraid he would have the same as Sky. Fortunately this was not the case. Blade got better, but had no energy. He just missed something. We made the decision to add another Old English Sheepdog. The happiness, love and clown behavior these dogs had outweighed the sadness of lost.

We came into contact with Wobble Fashion's from Linne (Elwi Kornips). Her bitch was expecting puppies and we were 1st for a male. On November 3, 2017, Elwi called. There were 2 males and 2 females born on 01-11-2017. We were so happy. We picked up Kenji there with 8 weeks. He was here just before New Years Eve. Blade didn't like  it  at first, but after 3 days they were close friends. Kenji constantly surched for Blade and lay down next to him. Blade was so sweet to him and he turned from an old OES all the way back to a youthful and alive OES.




The following summer we went to Center Parcs on vacation to France. The dogs went along. A few weeks before we went on vacation, Miranda Hoksbergen asked if we could babysit Jadey for about 2 weeks. She was a 4 month old puppy and they left. We also took her with us and it went very well with Blade and Kenji. Kenji and Jadey had a lot of energy together. We knew that a 3rd puppy would be able to come.


In October we would first get a dog who was occupied by another family. We hadn't told our oldest son until everything was complete, because he has a related autistic disorder and needed to know for sure. Unfortunately 2 days before we would go it was canceled due to circumstances. We were angry and sad about it, but our son couldn't handle it at all. He was so sad. He kept asking for an OES because this was going to be his dog.

We then searched the internet at Fokkers and unfortunately there were no litters in Holland. We then saw on Facebook with Dominique Roberto Caruso from Lords Of Cuzay in France that he had 2 litters, born on 11-12-2018. We went to inform and he had a bitch that could also be shown. We then went to France in February to go and see. Mike and Hailey got along very well. We then made the decision to pick her up in April. We immediately had a bitch that we would like to have a litter with. And brought a completely new line to the Netherlands.


Kenji and Hailey got along very well. Played together a lot.

Because we wanted to have a litter, I asked Miranda Hoksbergen if I could be with her bitch Cathy when se has to deliver. Then I could learn some things. In all those years she has taught me a lot. On 08-05-2019 Cathy van Hockesberghe's Walc had 9 puppies. 3 males and 6 females. I loved the delivery and everything around it. I went there every 2 days to look after Miranda so they could sleep or they had an appointment. What a great feeling to watch the puppies grow up after you see them born. After a good conversation with Richard we asked Miranda if we could have a bitch. Then we had 2 males and 2 females. Miranda and I finally decided that we are joint owners. We  chose Jessy together. So she came here in July. Jessy was very fond of Blade. She was with him a lot. So sweet.


Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Blade in October 2019. We carried this grief together as a family. Our Fantastic Four had broken up . We also had to think about what we could possibly do in the future with our pack.

Just as coincidence does not exist. 2 males were born to Dorota Bodzioch from Macoes from Poland. From 2 different litters. We have contacted her and we have a choice of these males. So a Macoes comes here and he gets the name Xavi.