Litter Jessy and Xavi

Here I am going to write about Jessy and Xavi's litter. I am co-owner of Jessy together with Miranda Hoksbergen. The puppies that are now born will bear Miranda's kennel name: Hockesberghe's Walc.

May 28, 2021

Today I have Jessy on the grooming table to brush. That's when I found out that Jessy had gone into heat. Exciting, because now the whole process will start from progesterone injections until the puppies leave with their owners.


June 9, 2021

At 8:45 am I have to start progesterone again with Jessy to see how far she is now with her values. I think this one is a lot higher, because Xavi and Jessy really want to be together.

They really howl because they can't get together yet.

At the end of the morning the vet called that the values ​​are such that Jessy can be mated in 12 hours... Nice!!!


June 10 and 11, 2021

Jessy is mated naturally by Xavi both days. It all went pretty fast and a good clutch afterwards. This is awesome.

We are very happy that this went so well.

With Jessy it was also ready immediately afterwards. She wasn't interested in Xavi anymore, and Xavi wasn't interested in her either. How beautiful how nature does its work.

Made an appointment for the ultrasound. This will take place on Friday 9 July 2021 at 9.30 am.


July 9, 2021

It's exciting today. I'm really nervous. Didn't sleep very well either.

At 9.30 am it was time. At the vet to make an ultrasound pregnancy...

"Yeah"  were the sonographer's words. She is not a little bit pregnant, but well pregnant. It was obvious to see.

At that moment I was full. It's going to happen. Our Jessy is pregnant. Our luck couldn't stop. Miranda and I were happy. Once in the car first called Richard and he couldn't believe his luck either!!

We first went to the bakery and got our delicious pastries to celebrate!!!!



July 12, 2021, day 32

So let everything sink in. Now let's plan how we're going to do it. Where will the whelping box come, grooming salon has to close on time so made a report on Facebook. Ordered some food and make sure that Jessy gets her rest.


July 16, 2021 day 36

Today it's been a week since we had the ultrasound. She doesn't want to walk with the other dogs anymore. Just a short walk to do the needs and then it's ready.

She has also become a lot calmer. She lies a lot and is no longer the jump in the field that she used to be. She can still smile so beautifully. Great to see.

She has also gained weight and her tummy is getting fuller.

Time flies....


July 23,2021 day 43

How beautiful it is that a pregnant bitch works instinctively. Jessy is normally very playful and emphatic in a fun and sweet way. Normally she jumps on chairs. walks very balanced over the back of the sofa and goes for a run with the other 3 bobtails if they feel like it.

However, now she is pregnant and her belly is starting to grow and she feels very well that running well with the others is not good for her puppies. She then also lays down and lets the others run. She also doesn't think about doing crazy things and leaves the chair for people to sit on.

She's already starting to get a nice belly!!!


The hairs on her stomach are shaved away for the Echo.

July 30, day 50

So, we've been doing well the past two weeks. We have washed and brushed Miranda's bobtails here, as well as our bobtails. They are then ready for the time being and look nice again.

The last dogs have been trimmed in the grooming salon. This one is now closed.

We can now focus on the delivery of the puppies. Just checking if we have everything before and after the birth and otherwise we still have to get it. Jessy finds it increasingly difficult to sit down and to have a good lying position. Her favorite lying position was always to lie on her stomach like a frog.


However, this is almost impossible. She now lies on her side more often.
She is still gaining weight and she is so sweet!!!


August 3, 2021

It's coming up already. We can start counting down.
Felt Jessy's belly well today and what a beautiful / special moment. Feeling life in Jessy's belly.
The movements you can feel under your hand. I could sit like this for hours and enjoy it immensely!!!



August 6,2021

It was time to set up the whelping box. She likes to be there.

She finds her peace this way. She finds it too busy with the other bobtails.

Now it's just a matter of days until the party starts.



August 6,2021

Miranda came by today to see how Jessy was doing. Looks like she's having contractions. She hadn't had a temperature drop yet. So in the evening we decided to just go to bed. We do have a camera in the groomer and an app on the phone, so we checked the camera every 2 1/2 hours. She was a bit restless.


August 7,2021

Jessy wanted to crawl behind everything. computer etc. She was also digging and restless. The temperature had dropped a bit. Miranda messaged and she would come by in the afternoon. Miranda came and she was already having some contractions. After a while she fell asleep. Miranda went home, because she still had something to do. In the evening I did an app to Miranda, because she was having contractions again. For a moment she had good contractions, but again she went to sleep. We thought we would wait a little longer and then see what we do. However, by 11 pm she was having contractions again, but now it continued. 00.03 am the first bitch was born and 4.40 am the last bitch.



Jessy did a fantastic job. She is a sweet but concerned mother. She can't stand that the puppies make noise, so she wants to go in the crate. Miranda went home later, but is here a lot, So we alternate, She does a lot during the day so I can sleep and the nights are mine, I am totally in love with these beautiful champs!!!



August 9,2021

How special is this: The puppies are named Hockesberghe's Walc , but a male is born with the logo of From Bobbers Love Of Beauty.....the heart. Even the puppies participate in our cooperation!!!



August 10, 2021

The puppies are growing well and are becoming more and more powerful. Nice to see that they form their own character in such a short time and also become more powerful so quickly. Mama Jessy is a topper, she takes fantastic care of her puppies. I couldn't imagine what Jessy would be like as a mother… well she's very concerned. Already a few nights and days with docking behind us, but everything is going well. We're a little tired, but that's part of it.




August 16,2021

The puppies are now a week old. Jessy is doing well. She is very alert when her puppies make noise. She keeps a close eye on everything. It is quite tiring to be busy with the puppies day and night, but if you see what you get in return. We enjoy every moment of it. Every now and then I hold 1 for a while, because that puppy is squeaking for a while. And also to get used to being petted.


It's just a miracle how they change from a very small dog to getting bigger in such a short time. Also so beautiful how they look for warmth together and how cute they can lie together or on top of each other.



We are also surprised that the puppies can lie down in positions that do not seem comfortable to us, but that is a pleasure to see.



August 25,2021

Time flies. We are already a week further and we are enjoying it so much. They start doing more and more things, such as playing with each other, trying to climb out of everything, etc. Of course they sleep a lot in between, because they still have so much to grow and become stronger. The eyes are now also open since Sunday. What beautiful sweet beady eyes they have. All very endearing. Same as their ears. They react to sound and can sometimes look at you in amazement where the sound is coming from.



Jessy is doing well. She is very still very alert when a puppy squeaks and when someone is holding a puppy she stays around to keep an eye on it. She is very careful in the whelping box with her babies.



They will be 3 weeks old this weekend and then the puppy comes to visit. These people have already indicated that they are so happy to see the puppies. It can't go fast enough for them. We are also very excited to meet these people. Especially to be able to share the passion and love for the Old English Sheepdog with them. Busy weekend, but so much fun!!



September 4 , 2021

How soon they grow up. They are now 4 weeks old. They are now becoming real dogs and you can already see different characters emerging. The whole bubs has moved from the nursery to the kitchen, the whelping box has made way for a puppy run. They have the time of their lives, walking around, playing, eating and of course sleeping a lot. 

The first puppy people have been and we already know that the puppies get very sweet, caring owners.



Playing among themselves consists of challenging each other a bit, but also licking each other clean after eating porridge. They are increasingly interacting with each other. The toys become interesting to play with.

They also find the brush of the vacuum cleaner interesting and also the mop. They are also very happy to help with the cleaning of the puppy pen by pulling the rug, licking your face and the long hair is also nice of me.

In short, they are going to discover and undertake more and more things.

They are growing well and already have teeth. Mommy Jessy won't always like that with feeding.

Since the puppies have moved to the kitchen, the other 3 adult dogs are also there. Papa Xavi thinks the puppies are very nice, but also weird. He stays in front of the puppy run a lot to look at his children. Now and then his nose touches one of the puppies and smells them.



September 17,2021

How quickly time passes. Last week the puppies were able to go outside a lot. There have been many people to cuddle with them. They are doing very well, growing well and are satisfied. The chipper came last Tuesday. They didn't like this very much, but it all worked out well. And yesterday all 8 went to the vet. Miranda also went along. This was quite an experience for the puppies. We So went by car for the first time and when they arrived at the vet they were checked and vaccinated 1 by 1. They did great. And luckily all was well, both with the gentlemen and with the ladies. Then they had to go back by car. On the way back they were stripped of all impressions and slept for a while.



They also play more and more with each other and with the toys. They are increasingly exploring.

The puppies now also have the pedigree names with their callsigns.

Hockesberghe's Walc Great Lover aka Snow

Hockesberghe's Walc Guts And Glory aka Bob

Hockesberghe's Walc Grand Geronimo aka Bogey

Hockesberghe's Walc Gentle Giant aka Brix

Hockesberghe's Walc Go You Go Girl aka Jotte

Hockesberghe's Walc Gorgeous Gill aka Silver

Hockesberghe's Walc Glamor Ginny aka Sara

Hockesberghe's Walc Grace Us Giulia aka Ginny

We are now going to socialize them even more. 1st step has already been made. Bogey and Ginny went to the Bank together. It was exciting, because they were given a belt and they don't know that.



September 28,2021


The last week has started, we often take the puppies out to socialize. Richard has taken time off especially for this week to go out with the puppies. We think this is a very important factor in the start of the puppies' lives, so that the future owners will be comfortable with this.

We visited the station with the sound of the barriers and train. The puppies just looked up and it was fine. So very good.

Miranda and I have been to Mike's day care, it's great how the clients respond to the puppies and the puppies to them.



We took the puppies in the crate on a trolley, to do the shopping. As it turns out, the primary school children here in the village had a break and went outside to play. What an opportunity. We went straight to it and showed the puppies to the children.



The puppies were taken in the car and driven to Miranda, so that they have also been on strange terrain, which also brings different sounds. What a party that was, the grandmother of the puppies, Cathy, is an experienced mother and she played a lot with the puppies.




We also introduced the puppies to the grooming table so that they become familiar with brushing on a table.



We also practiced walking on a leash. This is of course still very uncomfortable for the puppies and the new owners will have to work on this even further.



Richard and I, with the help of Miranda, have also decided which puppy will stay here.

This is our
Hockesberghe's Walc Grace Us Giulia aka Ginny!!!


Final update :


As of today, our time is up with these sweet champs.
Every day some puppies will fly off to their new owners.
One will go to a comrade and the other will accompany the owners.
This was our 1st litter here, but I have enjoyed them so much from birth until now. Each in his own way.
I would like to thank Miranda Hoksbergen for the trust in letting Jessy give birth with us, so that the litter would be born and stay here.
We raised 8 champs together nicely


Hockesberghe's Walc Go You Go Girl aka Jotte.
She was the firstborn. Lady who doesn't let herself be turned upside down, but who is calm and very sweet. She likes to cuddle. She has a very beautiful head.

Hockesberghe's Walc Gorgeous Gill aka Silver.
I laughed a lot at her. She wags her tail all day long, just like her mother. She also often enjoys herself. She is a lady with a spirited character. She knows what she wants. She really is a naughty girl.

Hockesberghe's Walc Great Lover aka Snow.
He was born with a heart on his ass. He is the second largest male, but very playful and active. He plays a lot with his big brother Brix and is very affectionate.


Hockesberghe's Walc Glamor Ginny aka Sara.

She's the smallest of the stuff. We also had to give her a lot of attention.
She is a very sweet lady, but she does have a temper. She doesn't let herself be turned upside down. When she looks at you, you often melt so sweet.

Hockesberghe's Walc Guts And Glory aka Bob

He was the smallest at birth, but did very well.
It turned out that he has a blue and brown eye. Great to see.
It is beautifully built and very compact. He is very active. Loves attention, but prefers to play all day long.

Hockesberghe's walc Grand Geronimo aka Bogey

He has a very sweet face. He always looks at you so faithfully. He likes people best. Always comes to you very happy when you call him. He is very sweet, actually too sweet. He also lets himself be pushed aside by the others.

Hockesberghe's walc Gentle Giant aka Brix.

Brix was the largest at birth. He looks at everything calmly before he does anything.
He visits me regularly to cuddle. He also plays a lot with his brother Snow and his little sister Sara.
He likes to challenge his siblings.
He is a nice hug.

Hockesberghe's walc Grace us Giulia aka Ginny.

Ginny was born last and was the smallest bitch, but you soon didn't see that anymore. She did so well.
Ginny is a quiet lady who sometimes withdraws from the hustle and bustle. She is really sweet and always visits us.
She is a beautiful white-headed bitch with a lot of pigment.
We keep her. She will be adding to our pack.
We also want to show with her.

These were all 8. We have each one in our hearts
We also wish you all the best with your new owners.