Sky : Hockesberghe’s Walc Always Lyrics



         Born 6-12-2009

         Place of birth Wehl, Nederland

         Passed away  05- 09-2017


Sky was a big male (73 cm height at the withers), very strong, a bear of a dog. In terms of construction, he was the ideal Old English Sheepdog. He was very confident and had a calm, but sweet character. He lay down on the floor in front of small dogs and children to make himself small for them. He loved to lie outside, in both winter and summer. He hated water. Didn't really want to walk when it was raining. He jumped or walked around the puddles.

He really was the boss at home. He was not dominant at all, but if Blade went too far he would put Blade on his back.  He wanted to let Blade known that the limit has been reached. They also got on well together

He loved being petted by others. He didn't like fireworks. He was not afraid of it, but was happy when New Year's Eve was over.

And the disadvantage of him was that he ate socks and boxer shorts. This almost killed him at the age of 5. He continued to walk on a leash, but he did not always listen when walking loose.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to him early on.