We are Richard and Peggy Kraaijeveld and live in Wehl. Richard was born on 09-03-1966 in Rotterdam. He moved to Wehl in 1975. He and his parents had no dogs.

I (Peggy) was born on 12-10-1971 in Wehl. Province of Gelderland. We had dogs since my childhood. I'm absolutely in love with dogs.

In 1987 we started dating and on 03-07-1992 we got married.

We have 3 sons. Our oldest son Mike was born on 21-08-1994 and he is disabled, he has a related autistic disorder. He also has an intellectual disability. He has a level of a 4.5 year old boy. He is very fond of animals. Especially on dogs and the dogs are always around him.



Our Middle son is called Joey. He was born on 09-04-1999. He has completed animal care training and disabled care training. He now works in care for the disabled in an institution. He has been dating Nikki since July 2017. They have been living together since July 2022. Nikki has completed the HBO training for nursing. She has now graduated and works in neonatology.

Then our youngest son is called Bodhi and was born on 15-10-2001. He has completed the training ICT manager. He now works at an IT service desk. 


We are all very fond of our dogs. The dogs remind Mike to rest when necessary and June was afraid of dogs, but that has disappeared through our OES.

Everyone has a preference for 1 dog, but it is a great pack.