Kenji: Wobble Fashion’s The Best Of Me


           Born 01-11-2017
           Place of birth Linne, Netherlands


Kenji is a slightly smaller OES. However, a beautiful build and very nice structure of coat. He has a good neck. His bone is fine, he has a strong topline, he has a lot of pigment and his expression shows his naughty temperament. He also has a narrow scissor bite

Kenji has a gentle, loving character. He loves to cuddle and is very affectionate. He is not at all dominant. He is rather submissive. He likes to play with other dogs. He has a lot of energy. He came to us for New Years Eve. He was a happy puppy and likes everything. He also always likes to lie against another dog.

He loved it on the course. He had to be slowed down every now and then, because a chunk of energy rushed onto the course. He listened very carefully, because he loved doing all kinds of exercises. He likes to work with the boss.


Research Results

Kenji:  Wobble Fashion’s The best Of Me


            DM N/N

            EIC N/N

            HA N/N

           PCD N/N

           MDR1 N/N  (+/+)