Hailey: Ogusta Lords Of Cuzay


             Born 11-12-2018

             Place of birth Roiffé, France

Head and beautiful dark eyes with good pigment. The length of her neck is fine, she is a bit too long, but a nice topline. She has a scissor bite. Unfortunately, her coat is a bit short. But it is under construction. She currently has a very light coat.

She came here at 16 weeks. She is afraid of everything. We take her to places a lot. She learns quickly. On the way she barks a lot at other dogs, but since she walked a few times and started ring training it gets better.

She is very sweet to us and also likes to be around people. She feels good about people Hailey is a narrow but big bitch. She has a lot of bone, she has a strong square head. She also immediately surrenders to us. She trusts us completely. However, she can sometimes snarl at her own pack. Since Blade (leader) passed away, she does that more often. She is claiming her leadership role. She can seem a bit dominant

She seems to have a lot of maternal instinct in her, because she washes both Kenji and Jessy a lot.



Research results

Hailey: Ogusta lords Of Cuzay


              DM N/N

               EIC N/N

               HA N/N

               PCD N/N

              MDR1 N/N ( +/+)


Eye exam rapport: ECVO

12-06-2019 Eyes Clear

01-09-2020 Eyes Clear


Hearing examination

21-5-2021 Bear test +/+


HD and Ed Exam

HD A Norbergvalue 40

ED Free