Jessy: Hockesberghe’s Walc Faithfull Fan


           Born 08-05-2019

           Place of birth Wehl, Netherlands


Jessy is a young bitch with a lot of pigment around the eyes. She has a shorter neck, her teeth are scissor-like. Her bone is still fully developing, as is her coat. She really has a typical female head. Her topline is good.

Jessy has a lovely character. She was born wagging her tail, always cheerful. She finds people much more important than other things. When she is happy, her whole body shakes and it looks like she is smiling. She has a lot of energy. She is always present. She likes to get attention and to cuddle

She is great with other dogs. She is spirited, but submissive. She loves to lie  against another dog. She first looked up Blade a lot, but after Blade died she can be found a lot at Kenji. Those are really good friends.

Jessy tends to constantly climb on chairs and tables which she loves and loves to be outside. She likes to play.



Research Results

Jessy: Hockesberghe's Walc Faithfull Fan


               DM N/N

               EIC N/N

               HA N/N

               PCD N/N

              MDR1 N/N ( +/+)


Eye exam rapport: ECVO

25-06-2019 Eyes Clear

11-05-2021 Eyes Clear

30-08-2022 Eyes Clear

30-08-2023 Eyes Clear


Hear examination

14-05-2021 Bear test +/+


HD and ED exam


ED free