Litter Cooper and Hailey,

This litter will be named:  From Bobbers Love Of Beauty.

I am very happy with it and certainly a nice combination. both parents are free from everything.


Nov 19, 2021

It was Hailey's turn to be brushed. She was lying quietly on the grooming table and then I saw that she was in heat.

Exciting again. The whole process is about to begin.

First Cornelia Loest informed that Hailey had come into heat.


26 Nov 2021.

Hailey has taken progesterone and what we already thought was that she was still very early in her heat.

Try again a few days later.


Dec 4, 2021.

The progesterone showed that she had risen well. We could also see this in Xavi, because he was completely crazy. He didn't want to eat.

We then decided in consultation to do the first mating on Sunday 5 December.


December 5 and 6, 2021.

Richard and I had agreed with Conny that we would mate for 2 days in a row. We had an appointment at 11:30 am on Sunday.

Hailey found it all quite exciting. She was lying peacefully in the car, but when she got there it was still quite scary.

When we were with Conny it went very fast. Cooper covered within 5 minutes of course and they mated well for a long time. They were both very calm. After pairing, we had some coffee and then went home. This was a nice successful cover.

Monday morning I had a progesterone shot just to be sure, because this Saturday was still a bit low.

However, the progesterone had risen so well so then I only drove to Belgium to have Hailey covered again.

Hailey was very relaxed. She didn't think it was scary anymore. Again the job was done within 5 minutes and it was a good natural cover. I think the pairing took even longer than the day before.

Immediately made an appointment for an ultrasound. This would take place on Tuesday, January 4, 2022.


January 4, 2022.

Hopefully the year will start well and Hailey will be pregnant.

Really exciting, because in the weeks before you see things that you think she is pregnant, but it is always nice to have it confirmed.

We had the ultrasound early, so we quickly knew if she was pregnant,

When contact was made with the ultrasound machine you saw very quickly that she is pregnant. So nice to see that.

Awesome!!!! Hailey is going to be a mother!! We are so happy with it.

I am so looking forward to this litter.

Once in the car Richard called, Cornelia Loest and Miranda Hoksbergen, because she is going to help me with the delivery.

Then bought cake to celebrate.



January 15, 2022.

So more than a week has passed. Time goes really fast.

Hailey is growing well and is gaining weight. She is very quiet, sleeps a lot, but likes to walk outside for a while.

The food also tastes better and she gets more hungry. At first she was reluctant to eat. It took her very slowly and it also took a while before she started eating.

Sometimes she is a bit grumpy to the other dogs when they are busy, you notice that she wants more peace. She is very affectionate towards us and we love that, giving and taking lots of hugs.

The first puppy buyers have already visited, we think it is important that we see and speak to people before we decide who is eligible for a puppy.

So far very nice people and good conversations.



The last orders for the delivery have been made and will arrive in the next week, so that everything is in plenty of time, because in 20 days she will already be counted out.


January 23,2022

We are one week further into the pregnancy. She is now on day 50. She is now gaining enormous weight and is in much less condition than before.

She wants to walk short distances and then the pace is a lot lower than she normally walks.

She basically just lays down all day and likes to be left alone. The hormones are all over the place.

The food is a little less. She eats, but doesn't really feel like eating. Should we give her some tasty things through the food.



Hailey loves to lay on the couch.


January 29,2022

Every day is now exciting, because from tomorrow she can give birth. Hopefully it will take a few more days.

Last Thursday Hailey had her 2nd Herpes vaccination. We did this as a precaution.

Furthermore, her belly is growing well and I was able to capture that special moment that I felt life again. I really think that's a goosebumps moment. I enjoy that so much.


Last night I shaved the hair from her nipples, so that they are nicely free. She was fine with me doing that.

She had this morning for the first time that she didn't feel like eating. We're going to have to get really creative now to get her to eat.

Today we closed the groomers and disinfected them completely. Then we set up the whelping box.

Hailey thought it was all exciting. She carefully sat in it. Later I also sat in it to show her that it is not scary.

Tonight she will sleep here too.



February 3,2022.

Today is day 61. We are almost at the end of Hailey starting the labor. However, everything is still quiet. She still sleeps a lot. And the food goes as long as we are creative with the food.

We also go for a short walk with her alone and then with the others.

She is super affectionate and loves all the attention she gets. In between I also feel her belly and feel those puppies move wonderfully under my hands.

I am so curious about her puppies. Patience is a virtue!!!



Februar 6,2022


Hailey has been messing around with pre-contractions all day, Friday night at 10pm she had the temperature drop so we knew from then on that it wouldn't be long before she was going to give birth. Miranda had been here during the day on Friday to see how Hailey was doing. She didn't think it necessary to stay yet. Saturday afternoon Miranda came again to have a look, also now she went home again because it was not that far yet. Saturday evening at 9 pm I texted Miranda, Hailey was now very restless and she also started to beep and pant a lot. Miranda came right away and at 10.55 pm the first puppy (bitch) was born.

Then followed a male and 2 females. Just to be sure, we went to the DA in the morning for a photo of whether there might be something in it. We did this because Hailey had gained a good 8 kg and 4 puppies were born. It turns out that Hailey has a huge milk supply. So the puppies will not be thirsty.


It is her first litter for Hailey, it was a bit awkward for a while but she is doing very well at the moment, I am proud of her.

Februar 9, 2022


It is going very well, both with Hailey and with the puppies. Hailey is in the whelping box day and night, she only comes out to be let out. She also eats in the whelping box. The puppies have already gained weight, an average of 50 gr per day. What do you want, if you have the milk bar near you almost 24 hours a day.

Februar 13, 2022


Today the puppies are one week old, the stuff is growing fast. They have all more than doubled their birth weight. Hailey is doing great, she is now less in the box, but as soon as there is a beep she flies towards it. She goes into the box on her own every 2 hours to feed. She has so much milk that it starts to leak. As a result, the puppies are very satisfied in the whelping box.

It all goes so fast, one of the puppies is already trying to walk on her feet. They are turning into mini dogs already. In all 4 the pigment is now also coming through, the male has his nose almost completely black. It continues to be a pleasure every day to see how they develop.

The litter is registered with Raad van Beheer and the Old English Sheepdog Club Netherlands.


Arwen From Bobbers Love Of Beauty                      Aragorn From Bobbers Love Of Beauty 


Arien From Bobbers Love Of Beauty                          Aurora From Bobbers Love Of Beauty 

Februar 20, 2022

How fast time goes and how fast they grow, really fast. All puppies have passed 1.7 kg and are now 2 weeks old. Aurora already has both eyes completely open and with the others the slit eyes start to deviate further and further.  We now also introduce the puppies to the rest of the family and of course Mike was the first one.

Hailey continues to do well, she still has a lot of milk, so much that she occasionally leaks when she is eating. Today the puppies had the first worm cure together with the rest of the pack. 


Februar 26,2022

Another week further, actually it went very well until yesterday. We were already a little afraid that this would happen. Because Hailey produced so much milk, mastitis has now developed in one of her nipples. Yesterday morning nothing was wrong and in the afternoon she became lethargic, did not want to be walked and did not eat. The puppies could still be nursed in the afternoon and then I saw that everything was wrong. Temperature recorded and sure enough, 40.2. Immediately called the DA and we could come right away. All puppies and Hailey in the car, we hadn't left the street yet and then Hailey had to throw up. The puppies were also checked at the DA and everything was fine. Hailey had an injection for the pain and fever, which had risen to 40.4. Take antibiotics and go home.

As you can see it has become quite blue/purple and no more milk comes out. Called the vet today and he gave the advice to first cool for fifteen minutes (ice pack in a towel) and then massage.

We hope it all helps and that she gets rid of it soon.


The puppies are doing very well, they have passed 2 kilos and are now starting to walk around in the box. Also action - reaction comes into play.


March 4,2022

Well that was not easy at all, the mastitis was so bad that Hailey had to undergo an operation, with the result that Hailey can no longer feed the puppies herself. Fortunately they were already 3 weeks old and we would start with "feeding". This became a thing because the puppies didn't get mother's milk in between. Everything went well and the puppies gained weight well.


The puppies are becoming more active and this means that we will move everything from the nursery to the kitchen. They then have more space and will also meet the rest of the pack.



We kept Jessy with the puppies for a while when Hailey was operated on, it went great. Jessy let her maternal instincts run wild.


The puppies will also see and hear the rest of the family much more often and that is only good for the socialization of the puppies. The puppy buyers have all been here once and it was nice and good conversations, we are very confident that these puppies will get a good home

March 13,2022

The puppies have moved from the nursery to the kitchen, the whelping box has made way for a puppy kennel. It is unbelievable how quickly the puppies adapt to the new situation. No stress at all and like it always has been.

They grow like weeds and they are turning into big bobbers in my opinion. They are now 5 weeks old and are all 4 kg, the male is almost even 5 kg. Mama Hailey is doing very well, she is frolicking on the kitchen floor with the puppies and is completely recovered from the operation. Tomorrow 14-3 the stitches will be removed and she no longer has to wear her romper.

The other members of the pack also got to know the puppies, we found this quite exciting. How does Hailey react? Hailey is in fact quite dominant and has taken on the leadership role, Xavi is her best friend but the ladies Jessy and Ginny are sometimes put in their place by Hailey. Kenji is the fool himself, who thinks: okay I'll lie there and leave things alone.

But as so often, we are a little concerned and nature does it its way. Hailey kept an eye on Jessy and Ginny and grunted once but then she lay down and let everything go. Still with the puppy panels in between, but still, it went well.


The characters are also starting to show up. Aurora seems to be a feisty lady and has trouble eating, because she is very easily distracted and wants to play with us. She is very focused on people. Aragorn is a sweet boy and a cuddly bear, but he doesn't let himself be fooled. Arien also likes to cuddle but can turn things upside down with Aurora. Arwen is the calmest of the bunch, she sometimes isolates herself and she often visits Richard to be petted.

Next week the puppies will be chipped and an appointment will be made with the vet for the first vaccination in the 6th week.


March 18,2022

They are going to be so much fun!! They are now almost 6 weeks old and it is pure enjoyment of the little stuff. The action/reaction games, new sounds and the rest of the family, they love it. One picks it up faster than the other. Today we started with the normal kibble, Aragorn likes it, he now weighs 5.5 kg. Aurora, the difficult eater, takes a little longer, but with patience she does finish her bowl, she weighs 4.6 kg and is the lightest of the bunch.

Arien and Arwen just empty their bowl and are 4.9 and 5.0 kg.


Hailey is doing well, just to be sure, we keep the romper on during the day because the puppies are still looking for milk. Hailey plays great with the puppies, a real mother.


March 22, 2022

Yesterday, 21-3-2022, we took the puppies to the vet. Everything was fine, Aragorn has neatly lowered his balls and according to the vet is becoming a giant bobtail. The ladies also did well and all checked and approved.

Nice additional message from the vet: She also wants to join us on the waiting list, since we came to them she has completely fallen in love with our dogs.


Today was a really beautiful spring day, the weather was so nice that we took the puppies outside for the first time. They enjoyed it so much and how wonderful it is to see them frolic around.

March 23,2022

With this beautiful weather you have to take it, today practiced with the puppies to walk on a leash. This is always exciting for the puppies. It tickles my neck, I can't go where I want to go, I hear strange noises, etc. etc. They beep and sit down, but with a lot of patience you will get through. We think this is an important part for the socialization of the puppies.


March 25,2022

Last Thursday we picked up Mike at the day care. Mike asked before the puppies were born when we would pick him up with the puppies. Yesterday it was time. Mike completely happy, the clients and supervisors and puppies found it, in the beginning, quite exciting.

So many people at the same time and they all come at you, yes, that's exciting, but after a few minutes the puppies were completely used to it and as if everything is the most normal thing in the world.

Great experience for the puppies and a little further in socialization.

April 1,2022

We've had the last week, we went with the puppies to the nursing home of my mother-in-law, in the beginning they found it a bit scary but after a while they became completely free. The attention of the people, the large garden, absolutely wonderful.

The puppies have also been bathed and brushed, this to get used to for later when they are regularly on the grooming table for coat care.

If the puppies are nice and clean and the weather is good, then you also want to take nice pictures with the right camera. Took the puppies outside one by one and just click. Of course this is quite a challenge because a puppy does not want to sit the way you want. They want to get around and they did.

It is that time again. Time flies. Starting tomorrow, our toppers will fly out and go to their new owners. You know the moment they are born that you have to let them go 8 weeks later. That is often quite a moment.
Before that time, of course, a lot has happened. e.g. Getting acquainted with puppy buyers and see if there is a click from both sides, so that you can then hand over your puppy with a good feeling.
And then hopefully hear back regularly how things are going.
I would like to thank Miranda Hoksbergen for the help she provided during the delivery. It's always nice to have someone with a lot of experience. Especially because Hailey didn't do anything by the book throughout the delivery
I also want to thank Cornelia Loest for the advice she gave about this litter and about Indy.
With the litter of Hailey [ Ogusta Lords Of Cuzay] and Cooper [ Rock Me Amadeus Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal we had 4 puppies. 1 male and 3 females.

Arwen From Bobbers Love Of Beauty/Indy.

She was the firstborn. Nice proportion in the lines. Nice long neck. We joked that she had potential for us.
We were immediately interested in her to keep. She developed very nicely in chest depth and angulations. She also has a lot of pigment. So we decided to add her to the pack indeed.
She still finds things exciting, more exciting than the others. She plays a lot with mommy Hailey and was with Richard from the start. As soon as she saw him she was already at his feet and wanted his attention. That head of eat.
Sometimes she calmly lies down in a basket, while the others are still bored with each other.
She is a smart girl, very enterprising. And calm. We wanted a calm, non-dominant bitch to join us in the pack. Let's see if she stays this way, of course. We also want to show her.

Aragorn From Bobbers Love Of Beauty/ Paddy

Paddy was born 2nd and has to prove himself to the ladies. He really is a cuddly bear and wags his tail a lot. He is already a big male. Big legs, nice head, nice chest depth and a nice thick coat and lots of pigment. He is very sweet, but does not let the ladies fool him. He does make himself heard.
He prefers to lie on the back of his mommy Hailey or just snuggle against her.
When he is outside he is like a frolicking deer, that's how happy he is. He goes to people where he will get 2 companions that he will like very much.

Arien From Bobbers Love Of Beauty/ Bo

Bo was born 3rd. She likes to play with Mama Hailey and then challenge her. She loves that interaction. She is quite big as a bitch. She is very similar to her brother Aragorn in build and coat.
She is very sweet and loves to be cuddled. She also always makes contact with you by pushing her nose against you. She is very submissive to people and soon lies on her back.
She is active and loves to run outside for a while. She loved rooting in the garden at the care home. compared to from her farmer and sisters she loves to play with the toys together.
She will go to the new owners alone, but she will soon have a complete park as a garden where the owners can play and walk with her. She immediately has so much freedom there.

Aurora From Bobbers Love Of Beauty/ Skye

Skye was born last. She finds people very interesting and fun. When she has to eat she wants my attention rather than eating. She is very easily distracted. She is very enterprising and active. Often when the others are resting, she is still busy.
Like her brother, she likes to lie with mommy Hailey. Nice and snug against her.
She is the smallest of the 4, but has a spirited character. She doesn't let herself be turned upside down.
She is very nicely drawn and has a nice head. She looks more like her sister Arwen in build and coat.
I always have to laugh at her. She has really clownish behavior. She grabs the largest toy, but then trips over it herself.
She also always connects with me.
She goes to people with a buddy that she can continue to play with.
I'm going to miss all 3 terribly, but I'm happy with the people they go to and hope they can have a lot of fun with them.
In any case, Richard and I thoroughly enjoyed them and love how they turned out. Each with its own character.❤️
Big kiss to you 4