Blade: Hockesberghe’s Walc Angel Eye


           Born 6-12-2009

           Place of birth Wehl, Nederland

           OPassed away 30-10-2019


Blade was a clown. When we got home and he was very happy, he laughed. That was so beautiful to see. He always liked to sit on chairs and if possible he would be on the table.

He was very athletic, a bit on the long side but nice enough to be shown. He loved to hang on somebody's lap  and then be cuddled. He loved to cuddle, was very affectionate.

He was sometimes a bit dominant towards other dogs, but had a sweet character.

Blade was not confident and let Sky go for new things first. If that went well then he came over. Blade was smart. He was always where the people were. He did not often lie outside alone. He wanted to be with the people.

Blade liked everything. Play with the sprinkler where water came out and then get wet. He was not afraid of fireworks. He always wanted to catch the fireworks from the air, then he jumped very high when fireworks went up in the air.

He thought he was in charge at home, but when it came down to it we had to go to the vet with him,  with a hole in his head or his eyelid torn.

We also had to say goodbye to him too early.