Kennel name/Logo



On 22-05-2019 we applied for our kennel name. We were assigned this on August 29, 2019. We were completely happy. Now we could start working on our hobby. Breeding the Old English Sheepdog. The start was there.

Our kennel name is: From Bobbers Love Of Beauty.

We came up with this name, like Plato's celebrated statement: "Beauty is visible love".

This does refer to how beautiful, ordinary and pure an Old English Sheepdog can be, which is reflected in the love we feel for them. Psychiatrist Dirk de Wachter once said in an interview "Love is seeing beauty in the ordinary". Our dogs are always made beautiful for shows, but the beauty is mainly inside them.

Beauty is also the feeling of inner radiance of, among other things, an animal and that is what an Old English Sheepdog radiates.

Literally the text is: From Bobbers (Bobtails) Love Of Beauty.

As the love for an Old English Sheepdog grows in us, the beauty will grow, because that is what you use during and in the care of an Old English Sheepdog.



The kennel name was there and now the logo,

In the Logo we have put love in the shape of a heart, but also by incorporating our first 2 dogs Sky and Blade, because with them the love for the beauty of the breed has started,

Our son Joey first made a rough sketch. We liked that very much and we were very happy with it. Finally, we approached Charlotte van Wauwe to elaborate on how we wanted it and she did a fantastic job.

This logo also contains everything about how we feel.